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Phaco Cataract Course-Basics and Advanced

The Background

The idea occurred to me for the first time as I was invited by Professor Nadeem Hafeez Butt to deliver a talk in the weekly seminar” Knowledge knows no boundaries” at Eye department Jinnah hospital Lahore. Professor Butt, a great leader and a true motivator was very welcoming and enthusiastic about it. By the end of July 2019, we had planned a 15 parts phaco cataract course to cover every aspect of phaco cataract surgery from basics to advanced. Optimus Pakistan was very kind to sponsor online live streaming and replay hosting of webinars.

The Course introduction

This course consists of 15 lectures, which were delivered by Associate Professor Zia ul Mazhry during the weekly seminar at Eye Department Jinnah Hospital Lahore under motivation, patronization of Professor Nadeem Hafeez Butt. The lectures were streamed live on, and our team has managed to put all the lectures together in the form of a formal course in a distraction-free learning environment.

Categorization of Phaco Cataract Course-Basics and Advanced:

The lectures are categorized as under:

Category-1-Phaco Cataract Basics

  1. Overview of the course and Knowing your machine and the patient.  
  2. Minimising Surgeon Induced Errors and Role of Non-Dominant Hand in Phaco cataract surgery
  3. Wound Construction and Closure, Capsular Rhexis and Hydrodissection
  4. Nucleus and Cortex Removal-IOL placemat and centration

Category 2- Difficult and Complicated Cataract Phaco

  1. Difficult Cataract- Dealing with Hyper mature Milky and dense Brown Cataract
  2. Difficult Cataract-Dealing with Posterior polar cataract and Siliconised Eye
  3. Cataract-Weak Zones and subluxations
  4. Management of Cataract with Glaucoma, Uveitis, Pterygium and small pupil

Category 3-Phaco Complications

  1. Phaco Accidents-Overview of prevention and management
  2. Phaco Accidents-Capsular Complications and Anterior Vitrectomy techniques
  3. Phaco Accidents-Dislocation Nuclear fragments and Nucleus in the vitreous
  4. Prevention and Management of Endophthalmitis

Category 4- IOL related Issues in Phaco Cataract Surgery

  1. IOL related Issues-Scleral Fixation and Haptic Externalization Techniques
  2. IOL related Issues-Repositioning and IOL Exchange
  3. Premium IOL Practice-The Basic Concepts and Recent Advances

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