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Humphrey visual field analyser and other latest visual field testing software like RareBit Perimetery is available for your eye care needs at Acuity Eye centre Venue 14 G 3 Wapda Town Lahore Pakistan.

Acuity Eye Centre Lahore offers facility for Visual Field Examination

Humphrey visual field analyser and other latest visual field testing software are available for your eye care needs at Acuity Eye centre Venue 1 14 G 3 Wapda Town Lahore Pakistan.

Digital Perimetry Test

RareBit Visual Field Test The RBP appeared to be a rapid, comfortable, and easily available perimetric test (requiring only a PC device), showing a high sensitivity and specificity in detecting early glaucomatous visual field defects. Acuity Eye centre offers customised Rarebit Visual field assessment Facility designed by a Swedish Scientist. This test is especially useful and highly sensitive for certain glaucoma and neurological disorders.   If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, chances are high that, you may have taken many fields of vision tests. This test helps your doctor discover and monitor glaucoma. Usually, the visual field test is taken once a year, however, looking at the severity of your glaucoma, your doctor might plan to check your field of vision more often. A visual test maps out what your world feels like to you. It measures the realm of vision, or how wide of an area your eye will see. eye disease is commonly known as “The thief of Sight” because it always could be a painless process that largely affects the peripheral, or side vision, first. The field of vision shows changes that don’t seem to be noticed by the patient till the harm is severe. different diseases, like cataract, stroke, macular degeneration and diabetes, may also influence the visual field. Your doctor can take these possible effects on your examination once deciphering the results. Types of the field of vision Test: There are different types of visual field tests. The one most ordinarily employed is that the Humphrey visual field, that consists of a middle fixation light and blinking test lights in your side vision. It is vital when taking this test that you just consider the fixation light within the centre and press the button once the blinking test light is seen together with your side vision. If you move your eyes to follow or search for the blinking lights, it decreases the dependability of the test and therefore the ability of your doctor to observe your illness. Areas that seem grey or black on the test results reflect areas in your vision that are blurred or missing. If your glaucoma remains uncontrolled, these areas can get darker and bigger. Another kind of visual field take a look at is that the Goldmann field of vision. This test is finished with a moving target controlled by a trained technician. Monitoring Progress Your doctor will tailor the sort of test to best monitor your illness and change treatment fittingly. If your field of vision is worsening, it may mean that your pressures are too high and more treatment is critical to lowering your eye pressure. It is vital to get a visual test as often as is usually recommended by your ophthalmologist, so as to observe progress and preserve vision.
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