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Micropulse diode laser

What is a micro pulse laser?

MicroPulse laser therapy is a tissue-sparing solution for the treatment of retinal diseases and glaucoma. With MicroPulse, a continuous-wave laser beam is chopped into a train of short, repetitive, low energy pulses separated by a brief rest period which allows the tissue to cool between laser pulses.

What is MLT laser?

What are the advantages of Micropulse laser trabeculoplasty (MLT)?

Micropulse laser is a gentler form of laser treatment. It uses a laser energy wave that has been divided into tiny pulses of laser instead of a longer continuous wave of the laser. Previous lasers use a continuous wave of laser energy.

What does Cyclophotocoagulation mean?

Cyclophotocoagulation is a laser treatment that targets the ciliary processes of the eye. The ciliary processes are the part of the eye that produces the fluid, or aqueous humour, that bathes the tissues in the front of the eye.

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