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Choosing the Right Eye Consultant is Important

Choosing the right eye specialist for your eye is very important. We provide comprehensive eye care, with different specialties and a full team having a strong history of providing visionary care for over 20 years.

Full Range of In-House Diagnostic Ophthalmology

A great range of modern ophthalmic diagnostic tools to best examine and evaluate your eyes for proper diagnosis.

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At Acuity Eye Centre, we are committed to providing all of our patients with the most impeccable ophthalmic services available. Our consultants offer expert comprehensive eye care and surgical services. It is our goal to provide each patient with exceptionally individualized attention through detailed eye exams.

Dr. Zia ul Mazhry

Eye Consultant & Surgeon

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Bringing Excellence to Eye Care
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Eye exams and personalized treatment


Advanced technology for accurate diagnosis


Expert surgical care and treatment for eye issues


Minimally invasive procedures for eye issues.


In-office treatments for various eye conditions

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Experiences at Every Satge of the Treatment
Really Good Service
Regarding eye care needs, long association with Professor Wasif M Kadri and then Dr. Zia ul Mazhry has been hugely satisfying for my family and me.
Aleem DAr
Mr. Aleem Dar
Cricket Umpire, PCB
Thoroughly Satisfied
Dr. Mazhry has operated on my eye with cataract. The experience has been enjoyable! He has corrected my vision with the latest technology lens.
Mr. Azhar Zaidi
Ex National Cricket Manager
I Can See Clear Now
I had latest phaco treatment for my cataract infected eye. I am so happy as I chose Acuity Eye Center for it. I am one of the earliest beneficiaries of Multifocal IOLs. I am having a pleasant and spectacle free retired life.
Mr. Abdul Rauf
Retired Govt Officer
Absolutely Brilliant !
From start to finish they were brilliant. I had advanced glaucoma. Dr. Mazhry performed a successful glaucoma surgery followed by Phaco with IOL implantation. Enjoying clear vision and no drops needed now.
Shahid Mehmood
Mr. Shahid Mehmood
A Businessman
Need No More Glasses !
It was a very good and hassle free experience with Dr. Mazhry and the staff. Comprehensive information is given beforehand. I had some anxiety on the day of Laser Treatment. I am enjoying my glasses free life now.
Post Graduate

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June is Cataract Awareness Month cover

June is Cataract Awareness Month

June marks a significant period in the healthcare calendar as it is designated Cataract Awareness Month. This month serves as an opportunity to educate the public about cataracts, their impact on vision, and the importance of early detection and treatment. Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision impairment worldwide, but with timely intervention, they can be effectively managed.

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Glaucoma Awareness Month cover

Glaucoma Awareness Month

January is recognised as Glaucoma Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about this sight-threatening disease. Glaucoma is often called the “silent thief of sight” because it can progress slowly and without noticeable symptoms until significant vision loss occurs.

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November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month

November is recognized as Diabetic Eye Disease Month, dedicated to raising awareness about this serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Diabetic eye disease refers to a group of eye problems that can occur as a result of diabetes, including diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataracts, and glaucoma.

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Khyber EyeCon 2020

Khyber Eyecon 2020 Professor Zia Ul Mazhry’s Lectures 1-Strengths and limitations of Angio OCT OCTA-AngioOCT-Principles and Interpretation-Strength and limitations by Professor Mazhry Khyber Eye-Con 2020

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Eye Strain

Might Make Your Eyes Feel Tired When you focus for long periods working on the computer, reading a book or driving, you may start to

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Changing Eye Colours

Changes in eye colour are rare. Sometimes, the colour of your eye may appear to change when your pupils dilate. The colours in your environment,

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