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Welcome to the Education Portal of Acuity Eye Centre Lahore Pakistan. We are committed to serving our patients and our community, to the development and propagation of new concepts to preserve and enhance vision. Our three missions—clinical service, education and research—are closely interrelated.

Education Mission of Acuity Eye Center

Our Mission: Eye Health Education worldwide
As part of our patient-centered mission, to increase patient awareness of quality eye care, Acuity Eye Centre Lahore is giving very special attention to the mission of “Worldwide Eye Health Education”. Our chief consultant Dr Zia ul Mazhry has taken a very special initiative in collaboration with Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan, International Council of Ophthalmology and American Academy of Ophthalmology towards the development of much needed Eye Health education in our national Urdu language.

EyeAcuity Education Services

Our Interest in Graduate, Post Graduate and Eye Patient Education

We offer the Eye consultant services for secondary and tertiary eye care for our community and the patient’s population across Pakistan. Our clinicians are experienced, highly qualified experts in their fields. Our ophthalmologists are ethical, compassionate, competent, and well-prepared for comprehensive ophthalmology practice. All of our team members are actively engaged in educating medical students in the field of ophthalmology. During the 3rd and 4rth years of medical school, students receive lectures and have practical sessions in eye examination techniques and in the identification and treatment of common and vision-threatening ocular conditions. In addition to residents, our faculty position holders support the training of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in their respective positions.

Eye Health Education in Urdu

The development of concise, effective ophthalmology health information is extremely important, but also time-consuming and expensive. The education materials for eye patients are abundantly available online in languages like English and Spanish. New online translation technology (Google Translate) has been incorporated recently into many websites for other languages. Though this facility is available for the Urdu language also, the translations provided are full of vocabulary and grammatical errors. There is a lack of ophthalmology health information and patient education material in Urdu. Our goals are to raise awareness of this issue, consider possible solutions, and put forth a method by which this material may be developed and made available to the public.

EyeAcuity’s Commitment:

Whether you are a prospective patient, student, resident, fellow, or colleague, we look forward to serving you. Acuity Eye Centre helps to prevent and cure visual impairment. It is also our duty to create public awareness about the issues related to eye care in Pakistan and developing countries across the globe. AEC is dedicated to excellence in the care of disorders that affect the eye. We at acuity eye centre are committed to providing the best possible services in eye care, through continual improvements in our systems, processes, technology. The competent professionals with a progressive mindset are the key to the delivery of these services.

We will achieve our vision by

Providing exceptional clinical care
Conducting cutting-edge research in the field of ophthalmology
Contributing towards the teaching of tomorrow’s leaders and today’s medical community.
The concerted effort towards eye patient awareness in English Across the Globe and Eye Health Education in Urdu in Pakistan.


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