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Acuity Eye Center is a state of art comprehensive eye care facility rendering services to patients with eye problems. Presently Dr.Zia Ul Mazhry and associates, are providing eye care services to the patients, approaching this centre from Khyber to Karachi. The Center is offering a broad range of modern ophthalmic surgical and laser solutions, including phaco surgery, Laser removal of glasses, femtolasik, laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy, squint, ptosis and medical retina, etc.

Welcome Message

Acuity Eye Centre offers a complete range of general and specialized medical and surgical eye care. The Eye Centre’s diagnostic and consultation clinics are located in two locations.

Venue 1 is at the south end of Lahore at 14 G-3 WAPDA Town Lahore Pakistan.
Venue 2 is at Hameed Lateef Hospital, 33 Abu Bakar Block Feroz Por Road Lahore.

It is here that the examination rooms and diagnostic services are managed by qualified ophthalmologists and their well-trained ancillary staff. Lasers and Surgical procedures are carried out in the Venue 2 Hameed Lateef Hospital building which houses a dedicated operation theatre that caters to a complete range of procedures for the anterior and posterior segment (the front and back of the eye). The operation theatre is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including operating microscopes and superb and up-to-date equipment for the anterior segment and retinal surgery. Clinical expertise together with the most advanced technology is necessary to deliver outcomes that are at par with international standards. For the comfort and ease of our patients, there is a separate Eye Day Care Surgery intake area where patients and their attendants can rest and be prepared for surgical procedures.

Our Philosophy

We’ve concentrated on patient care, rather than offering glasses. For some reasons, specialists in all fields are expanding the volume of patients they see on a given day. This can prompt long hold up times, and shorter arrangements. For some patients, especially those with complex cases, this can baffle. Our specialists will invest as much energy with you as is expected to achieve our shared objectives. Our extensive eye examinations and contact focal point fittings are definite and exhaustive, and all testing, treatment, and fittings, will be finished by your specialist, not a professional.

High-volume workplaces can frequently put weight on specialists and staff to keep patients traveling through the workplace proficiently, which is generally valued by routine patients. Now and again, notwithstanding, more muddled contact focal point fittings can require various “trial” focal points, and in some cases even include exchanging between a few distinctive focal point sorts, before we achieve a last arrangement of focal points that will fulfill the greater part of the prerequisites of a fruitful fit. In workplaces that see expansive quantities of patients every day, time confinements can regularly prompt patients being immediately given new trial focal points, and afterward conveyed for another time for testing. Subsequent to giving back a few times, the patient in the long run surrenders and comes back to glasses. We dodge this issue by investing more energy in the exam room, when vital. We trial new focal points with guided specificity, regularly with the utilization of a refined corneal mapping gadget and particular contact focal point fitting sets, guaranteeing that we have the most obvious opportunity for an effective result.

Vision and Mission

Acuity Eye Centre helps to prevent and cure visual impairment. It is also our duty to create public awareness about the issues related to eye care in Pakistan and developing countries across the globe. AEC is dedicated to excellence in the care of disorders that affect the eye.

We at acuity eye centre are committed to provide the best possible services in eye care, through continual improvements of our systems, processes, technology. The competent professionals with a progressive mindset are the key to delivery of these services.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Providing exceptional clinical care
  • Conducting cutting-edge research in the field of ophthalmology
  • Contributing towards teaching of tomorrow’s leaders and today’s medical community


House#14, Block G-3 Phase-1 WAPDA Town, Lahore, Punjab


+92 311 1000 366
+92 300 4401 151



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