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Eye Diagnostics

At Acuity Eye Centre, we are committed to providing all of our patients with the most complete ophthalmic services available. Our consultants offer expert comprehensive eye care and surgical services.
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Eye Diagnostics

At Acuity Eye Centre we provide a great range of modern technologies to best examine your eyes for eye disease.

OCT and Angio OCT

The Acuity Eye Centre uses the Wavelight EX500 Excimer laser and the FS200 Femto laser.  The combination of both of these devices guarantees predictable and reliable results, using a quick, painless and safe technique.

Perimetery & Visual Field Test

Humphrey visual field analyser and other latest visual field testing software like RareBit Perimetery is available for your eye care needs at Acuity Eye centre.

Anterior Segment OCT

Anterior Segment OCT Imaging techniques for assessing the structure and function of the  anterior segment of the eye play a key role in diagnosing and treating various  anterior segment disorders.

optival Biometry-IOL Master

Optical Biometry-IOL Master

Optical biometry is the current standard for intraocular lens (IOL) power calculations in clinical practice. IOL Master allows fast, accurate measurements of eye length and surface curvature, necessary for cataract surgery.

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography  is a non-invasive medical imaging technique for accurately measuring the thickness, contour and shape of the cornea.

Ocular Ultrasound-BScan

B scan or Bright Scan ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging tool utilized when the view to the back of the eye, or posterior segment is hindered.

Eye Examination

An eye examination is a series of tests performed to assess vision and ability to focus on and discern objects.

Children Eye Examination

Eye exams for children are very important to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and have no vision problems that could interfere with school performance and potentially affect your child’s safety.

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