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Optical Biometry-IOL Master

Optical Biometry

Optical biometry is the current standard for intraocular lens (IOL) power calculations in clinical practice. Accurate measurements are critical for determining the correct power of an IOL before it is implanted during cataract surgery. Before implantation, the correct lens power needs to be determined.

What is IOL master used for?

The IOL Master allows fast, accurate measurements of eye length and surface curvature, necessary for cataract surgery. The IOL Master is more efficient because it allows measurements to be taken with complete confidence in the accuracy of the results. 

What is IOL Master eye measurement?

The IOLMaster uses laser technology to measure the length of the eye. Measuring the length of the eye accurately is extremely important in cataract surgery, as it allows the eye surgeon to select the right lens for an implant for each patient. The IOLMaster is the latest technology in measuring the length of the eye. 

How IOL power is calculated?

The eye is considered a two-lens system (i.e. IOL and cornea) and the predicted distance between them which is called the estimated lens position (ELP) is used to calculate the power of the IOL. … In the original theoretical formula, the ELP is considered a constant value of 4 mm for every lens in every patient.

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