EDOF Lens far and near correction- the technology of Future

Experience with Lucidis 124M EDOF IOLs

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First Author: Z.Mazhry PAKISTAN


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To evaluate the Lucidis 124M EDOF IOL for safety and post-op results in terms of intraoperative behaviour, improvement in the quality of vision and postoperative complication.


WAPDA Teaching Hospital Complex Lahore Pakistan


A prospective study was planned. 25 eyes 0f 21 patients with the diagnosis of cataract and no other comorbid ocular pathology were included in the study. Lucidis EDOF IOL was implanted during phacoemulsification cataract surgery over a period of 24 months from NOV 2017 to Oct 2018. Patients with intraoperative Anterior or posterior capsular rip were excluded from the study. The post-operative assessment was performed one day 1, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and every year thereon. Quality of life was assessed by interviewing the patients at least 3 months postoperatively.


The minimum follows up was 4 months and ranged from 4-15 months. All 25 eyes had smooth Phaco and intra-bag injection of IOLs with different disposable injectors supplied by the distributor. Only 6 patients had bilateral implantation. 13 patients had uniocular Lucidis IOL implantation. One patient had Refractive Rayner Bifocal in another eye. One patient was there with only eye and the Rest of the 11 patients were phakic in other eyes with varying degrees of lenticular changes. The unique design of this IOL haptics lead to difficulty in implantation and intra-bag placement but centration was excellent.


The Lucidis EDOF technology IOL appears a safe, economical and effective option for phaco IOL surgery for patients wanting less spectacle dependence after phaco cataract surgery. However, studies with bigger sample sizes and longer follow up are needed to establish this fact. Interestingly EDOF technology appears to minimize the risk of nighttime photopsia and glare. The compatible or preloaded IOL injection system is the need of the hour to save intraoperative manipulation and implantation of the IOL.

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Video-Phaco with Lucidis Edof IOL Implantation using Contamac Ergotouch Injector

Phaco with Lucidis Edof IOL Implantation using Contamac Ergotouch Injector Surgeon and Producer Professor Mazhry

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