ESCRS-Vienna 2011-Comparison between Two Aspheric Preloaded IOL Insertion systems

To evaluate and compare Croma Quatrix Aspheric Preloaded IOL system (Croma Gmbh Quatrix) and Zeiss Stabi Aspheric Preloaded IOL System (XLSTABI-ZO) in terms of safety, ease of insertion and post-op visual outcome and complications.
Eye Department WAPDA Teaching Hospital Complex and Central Park Medical College Lahore Pakistan
The prospective study was planned. 25 eyes each were implanted with Croma Quatrix Aspheric Preloaded hydrophilic IOL and Zeiss Stabi Aspheric Preloaded IOL System respectively during phacoemulsification cataract surgery over a period of one year from June- 2009 to July 2010. All patients were between 40 to 87 years of age. Patients with nuclear sclerosis less than plus 2 and with no other comorbid ocular pathology were randomly assigned to both the groups. Routine pre-op evaluation and biometry using Topcon manual keratometer and Sonomed biometer were carried out. All the patients were operated by the same surgeon using clear corneal incision 2.75 mm placed at steeper meridian. Patients with intraoperative Anterior or posterior capsular rip were excluded from the study. The postoperative assessment was performed one day 1, 1 week, 1 month and every 6 months thereon. Minimum follow up was 6 months and ranged from 6 months to 20 months.
Three IOLs were delivered extraocularly in case of Zeiss group while no such incidence was noticed in case of Croma Quatrix group. However, these iols were reloaded and implanted successfully on the second attempt. Insignificant haptic damage during IOL injection was again observed in 2 eyes with Zeiss group and none in Croma group. Postoperatively the IOLs were well centred in both the groups. No biometric surprise was noticed in both the groups. The final visual outcome was in the range of 6/6-6/12 in both the groups with no statistically significant difference.
Both preloaded IOL Insertion systems were found to be safe and effective. However, Croma Quatrix preloaded IOL system was observed to be more surgeon friendly in terms of ease of insertion and shortening of overall time spent in the surgical procedure. Almost no human touch to the cartridge and pseudophakos was needed for Croma Quatrix group.


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