Phaco Workshop

Phaco Workshop
Phaco Workshop

Phaco Workshop and Hand on Training on Rabbit Eyes

Professor Zia ul Mazhry was invited by Professor Irfan Qayyoum Malik at Eye Department DHQ Gujranwala Medical College to deliver a comprehensive phaco course. The lectures and interactive discussion was followed by hands on Phaco training on Rabbit Eyes. The workshop was arranged courtesy Optisurg Pakistan.

Very warm Reception by Ophthalmology Department Gujranwala medical College to Professor Mazhry along with Professor Sami Mumtaz Principal Gujranwala medical College
Professor Mazhry Getting ready to Deliver & parts Phaco Basic and Advanced Technique Lecture

Phaco WorkShop Presentations

  1. 1-phaco workshop-know your machine
  2. 2-Phaco workshop-Incisions
  3. 3-Phaco workshop-minimizing surgeon induced errors
  4. 4-phaco workshop-Nucleus and cortex Removal
  5. 5-Phaco workshop-IOL centration
  6. 6-Phaco workshop-Pupil Management
  7. 7-Phaco workshop-Role of Non-Dominant hand in Phaco Cataract surge
  8. 7-Phaco workshop-Difficult Cataract Cases Management

Hands on Phaco Training on rabbit Eyes

Phacoworkshop-Rabbit Eye Phaco-1
Phacoworkshop-Rabbit Eye Phaco-2
Phacoworkshop-Rabbit Eye Phaco-3
Phacoworkshop-Rabbit Eye Phaco-4
Phacoworkshop-Rabbit Eye Phaco-5
Post Phaco workshop Group photo at DHQ GW Medical College


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