Secondary IOL Implantation made simple

Secondary IOL Implantation made simple

Objective: To demonstrate the safe and effective use of techniques for Secondary posterior chamber IOL implantation while avoiding the pitfalls, and to explore the alternative of scleral fixation of PC IOL in eyes with the partial or total absence of a posterior Capsule. To classify Indications and to discuss surgical planning for secondary PC IOL implantation To elaborate variations of surgical procedure required to manage different situations encountered in secondary PC IOL implantation.
5. Upon completion of this course, the ophthalmologist should be able to: Plan a surgical intervention when faced with uniocular or binocular aphakia needing a secondary PC IOL Implant. Classify and describe the different clinical presentations and appropriate surgical techniques for secondary PC IOL Implantation Identify and manage the most frequent intraoperative and postoperative complications encountered in secondary PC IOL Implantation.

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