The new era begins : Acuity Eye Center Lahore Pakistan is equipped with state-of-the-art latest Nidek Angio OCT Machine.

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We hereby share good news from Acuity Eye Center Lahore Pakistan. The centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art latest Nidek Angio OCT machine. It offers precise and accurate testing and documentation for diseases like Glaucoma, diabetic Retinopathy, Age-Related Macular degeneration and Retinal vascular accidents. OCT Angiography is the latest innovation in this field. One does not need to inject a dye into the blood to study retinal blood flow and ischemia. Instead, Nidek OCT uses a special laser beam and dedicated software for vascular study. Thus the patient is not exposed to inherent side effects and allergies associated with intravenous injection of different dyes used in conventional retinal angiography.


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