Simulation Glaucoma Effects on vision

Simulation Glaucoma Effects on vision

Glaucoma leads to peripheral (or side) vision loss at first, and therefore the impact as this field loss progresses is like searching through a tube or into a slender tunnel. This constricted “tunnel vision” result makes it troublesome to walk while not bumping into objects that are off to the side, close to the head, or at foot level.

Glaucoma is an especially dangerous eye condition because most people do not experience any symptoms or early warning signs at the onset. Glaucoma can be treated, but it is not curable. The damage to the optic nerve from glaucoma cannot be reversed.

Glaucoma Visual Field loss Simulation #

The optic nerve is made up of many nerve fibres that carry images to the brain. It’s like an electric cable containing numerous wires. When glaucoma damages the optic nerve fibres, blind spots develop. If the entire nerve is destroyed, blindness results.

As the optic nerve becomes more damaged, blank spots begin to appear in your field of vision. You typically won’t notice these blank spots in your day-to-day activities until the optic nerve is significantly damaged and these spots become large. (Courtesy American Academy of Ophthalmology).


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