How is congenital glaucoma treated?

How is congenital glaucoma treated?

The primary treatment is surgical and much less medical (eye drops). – Procedures like goniotomy, trabeculectomy and trabeculectomy are performed to increase the outflow of the eye fluid and DROP the pressure inside the eye. – In cases not responding to the techniques described above, your doctor may implant a special device (valve or tube) to help with the outflow (draining) of eye fluid and lower the pressure. – If the above techniques fail your doctor may destroy the production site for the eye fluid (ciliary body) by laser treatment (cyclophotocoagulation) or application of a very cold probe (cryotherapy). – Medical treatment involves the application of eye drops and/or pills or liquid taken by mouth. – Medical therapy is used while waiting for the surgery, and it may be used afterwards to supplement.


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