What should I expect if I have a laser iridotomy?

What should I expect if I have a laser iridotomy?

The procedure is an outpatient procedure that can usually be done in the eye doctor’s office. You are seated at a slit lamp with your forehead resting against a headpiece and your chin resting in a chin rest. After some eye drops are put in the eye in ORDER to numb the eye, a lens will be placed on your eye. This will prevent you FROM blinking and will also minimize your eye movements. The lens also helps to direct the laser light into your eye. The laser, which is attached to the slit lamp equipment, is then directed into the eye. The procedure usually takes a few minutes. Most people experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. After the laser, you may experience some irritation in the eye and some blurry vision, but this is largely resolved after a day or two. You will usually have your eye pressure checked one hour after the laser procedure. You are then usually seen the day after the laser procedure and/or the following week. The number and frequency of visits after the laser may vary and depend on the condition of your eye. Most people will need to be on an eye DROP four times a day for one week to help the eye heal FROM the laser.


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