What should I look out for?

What should I look out for?

– Pain that gets worse and is not helped by the pain-relieving tablets.
– Eyesight which is getting worse rather than better.
– Sickness/feeling of sickness.
– More redness and or blurring of the eyesight after the first day.
If any of the above occurs please contact us.

Dos and Don’ts for a cataract IOL patient #

You can watch the television and look at a book.
You can wash your hair gently backward.
You can wear your glasses during the day and the plastic shield at night.
You may need to rest for a few days.
However, you should not do sport or swim until the eye doctor tells you it is ok to do so.
It is important that you do not Rub or touch the eye.
Bend over or lift heavy things.


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