What happens after my child leaves the hospital?

What happens after my child leaves the hospital?

You might notice that your child’s pupils are bigger than usual and your child may complain of blurred vision – this is a common side effect of the drops used during the operation to minimise bleeding. The pupils will get back to normal in about 4-6 hours. Your child may also complain of some discomfort, it is normal to experience this due to the superficial sutures (“stitches”) used in the operation. These sutures may need to be removed later on. Your child will be wearing a patch over the operated eye for two hours. We avoid patching if your child has had surgery on both eyes, or we cover one eye only. You will be given eye drops to put in to your child’s eye(s) for 2 weeks and we will arrange a post-operative appointment next day after surgery. Please keep this appointment as it is very important to assess the position of the eye and to monitor the healing process. Do not worry if your child complains of double vision after the surgery; it is normal for this to happen as the brain adjusts to a new eye position. If your child does not mention double vision there is no need to ask.


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