What is the Treatment of Keratoconus?

What is the Treatment of Keratoconus?

Keratoconus usually affects both eyes. At first, people can correct their vision with eyeglasses. But as astigmatism worsens, they must rely on specially fitted contact lenses to improve vision. Several treatment options are available for persons with keratoconus, including:

Collagen cross-linkage (CXL) is the top of the list for treatments offered to patients with progressive keratoconus.
Spectacle correction/ rigid contact lenses, which can give high-quality vision for many patients for many years with little risk.

INTACS® prescription lenses, which are implanted in the eye.

Corneal transplants, which is the best option for patients who have got central corneal bulge with hydrops. Because the cornea is avascular, this procedure is highly successful (96 to 98 percent success rate) in keratoconus.


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