When is trabeculectomy surgery indicated?

When is trabeculectomy surgery indicated?

Trabeculectomy is generally recommended for patients with glaucoma that continues to progress despite use of medications and/or laser treatments. In some cases, trabeculectomy surgery maybe recommended prior to trying medical or laser treatment. These decisions vary depending on the type of glaucoma, the stage of glaucoma, as well as other factors. Sometimes this surgery can be combined with cataract surgery. What is done during trabeculectomy surgery?

A new drainage site is created to facilitate drainage of fluid FROM the eye. Instead of draining INTO the normal drainage site of the eye (the trabecular meshwork), the fluid is drained INTO a new space (a “bleb”) that is completely covered by the white outer covering (the conjunctiva) of the eye. This will lower the eye pressure. Since the surgery is usually performed near the top of the eye, the area of surgery usually can not be seen afterwards because it is behind the upper eyelid.


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